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On what basis various plans are made out in property valuations procedure ?

Residents have asked the county to take legal action to keep the city from property valuations planning its growth in the sydney. The commission, thus far, has not taken any legal action other than to get an opinion from the state attorney general’s office. The opinion said the city can plan, but property valuations cannot enforce zoning, outside its boundaries. Incumbent Bill Daws and opponent Shag Abernathy, who will face each other in the June 1 Democratic primary, addressed this and other issues.

The district position they are vying for is a full-time Property Valuer Sydney job that encompasses Western areas of Athens and Northwest Limestone Sydney and in the Salem, Lester, Leggtown, Owens, Cartwright, O’Neal, Pleasant Grove and Goodsprings areas as well as portions of Elkmont. property valuation services provided by licensed valuers in Sydney have expressed fears about the Athens City Council’s comprehensive master plan and future annexations. Do you think the county should take steps to get the authority to zone and have valuation rule to head off future annexations by Athens, Decatur, Sydney and Madison? If so, what steps? If not, why?

building inspection checklistYou have instances such as that dump site that had violations and was operating in the eastern area. With full-fledged home rule, we could keep stuff like that out of the county. I think residents want it like it is now, without zoning, even though it (city master plan) concerns me because of the possibility of annexations. When the Limestone County Sheriff’s Department moves into its new facility, what should the county do with the old jail and why?

It would be too expensive to renovate for county use. The plumbing and wiring needs redone, and the elevator is old. I’d be in favor of letting the school board (Limestone County Board of Education) use it if they needed it. In the past six months, the county has received more than 380 applications for housing lots, equal to about 10 subdivisions. What does the commission have to do to handle the explosive residential growth and provide services for residents?