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I can still see the old cigar box full of the polished looking seeds that were found in his treasured belongs after his death. September has the harvest moon, and October is illuminated by the hunter’s moon, but it is November that boasts the beaver moon. When man hunted to sustain life, beaver pelts were at a premium in November. Also, the beavers were fat and fully furred in November, reading themselves with heavy coats Pest Inspection Prices for winter. By Thanksgiving, many of the birds that left in early summer for cooler regions have returned to the Valley, and transients continue to stop by for a quick snack on their way to Florida and Central America.

Cardinals, towhees, juncos, redheaded woodpeckers, chickadees, and mourning doves are plentiful in the backyards. Give them a helping hand. Feed the birds. You’ll get as much out of it in pleasure as they do in supplemental nutrition. Thanksgiving brings visions of plump turkeys on festive tables with family gathered around to recount their blessings for another year. Thanksgiving is a happy holiday, serving as a reminder of how much is owed to the forefathers who struggled in an unfamiliar land to establish a community.

The Thanksgiving dishes are not more than washed when Christmas is at hand. Hot, muggy summertime weather that has finally arrived in the Valley can bring trouble to the wildlife population that snacks and drinks in local backyards. Wildlife lovers who feed songbirds can have a meaningful effect on controlling some common diseases that spread quickly at the birdbath and feeders.

Humans are not helpless in helping their feathered friends spend a more healthy summer in the North Carolina mountains where they come to raise their babies for another season. There are several bird diseases that may show up at your feeders and birdbaths this year.