What can be done to rectify basic errors taking place in building and pest inspection?

building and pest inspectionProblems can occur anywhere and at any time various steps are to be taken to suit the needs of individuals that have been getting into the process of building and pest inspection by Building inspector. For 6 months of the year, the office was one investigating officer short while it recruited. Welsh-speaking investigating officer referred to above, the previous postholder having left at short notice. On the assumption that numbers would remain much as they had in 2000-01, it was estimated that some 50 new complaints might be expected in 2001-02.

As will be the need of individual getting in building and pest inspection so will be very best plans are made for them in the route always.  In the event, 56 new complaints were received, an increase of 14%, and more akin to the numbers received in WAO’s first nine months of operation in 2000-01. Although there is no obvious reason for the rise, it seems prudent to allow for a further, but smaller, rise next year.

Although the overall number of complaints was higher, it included many more that were not investigable by WAO.  As a consequence, the proportion accepted for investigation was considerably less than expected, only four new investigations being started during the year. Five investigations were completed during the year and in a further two cases the investigation process was ended when an appropriate outcome was achieved.

Working as per the requirements of the people should be the only priority of personnel that have been in receipt of into the procedure of building and pest inspection always. Very high performance levels were achieved for the screening of new cases in 2001-02 in that 100% of cases clearly out of jurisdiction were resolved within two weeks, and 88% of cases not clearly outside jurisdiction were resolved or an SOC issued within six weeks. 7 investigations completed with the issue of an investigation report, or ended when an appropriate remedy was achieved.