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The last component of the model relates to the infrastructure of schools. It relates to all of the parameters under which schools operate and for which they must be accountable. In general, this component represents the administration of the school in all of its dimensions: communication – internal and external; accountability – financial and instructional; leadership and decision-making; safety and security. Internal communication is critical to the successful administration of a school.

The better the communication linkages, the greater the likelihood that the staff is working toward a common purpose. Electronic Communications are key components to providing effective communication between staff and assisting staff to keep current with technology and social change. The use of EMAIL, INTRANET and INTERNET capabilities provide a vehicle for staff to access current information conveniently. External communication is critical to maintaining the support of the school’s parent community as well as the broader community.

It is an important vehicle for promoting the image and positive operation of the school. Electronic communications, Desktop Publishing and telephone technologies are all important vehicles for maintaining the school community link. Financial Accountability can be supported by the use of accounting and budget software. Instructional Accountability is a major focus of Alberta Education. property valuers Adelaide Electronic communication is one of the tools that promotes reporting efficiency. Uniformity at the system level expedites the process at the school level. The ability to download information locally will allow schools to analyze trends in their own environment.

Technologies such as preprogrammed telephone software is useful in curbing truancy and informing parents of student performance. Safety and Security issues are supported through the use of technology. Access to a telephone in each classroom provides an opportunity to call for assistance, seek medical attention and connect with parents. Other electronic devices are also important tools for the safe operation of a school. They include cellular phones for field trips and interschool competitions; walkie-talkies, Aaron Campbell for schoolyard supervision; digital cameras for taking photographs of intruders; and electronic databases to monitor school inventory.