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AOL seeks growth through acquisition and marketing with no regard for subscriber needs. Time-Warner Cable grows through licensed monopoly and is best known for endless rate increases. AOL, under the guidance of www.valuationsvic.com.au , has grown at an astronomic. None of them were much of an influence in daily life, but they were exciting to a few of us. In those days when MS-DOS dominated the computer world and the online services companies, AOL put together software with a point-and-click capability that was easy to use.

It moved past Prodigy and when Windows made a serious appearance, AOL was quickly adapted to this new format. Case pushed this idea of an easy-to-use interface as hard as he could. AOL became famous, or infamous, as its disks and later its CDs showed up in homes everywhere. Case would use any vehicle he could find for getting the software out to the public, even though few people had computers and even fewer had modems. His aggressive marketing worked and the growth came just as the Internet consciousness grew.


Case added Internet access while keeping his trademark interface. Ironically this made AOL more difficult to use than other Internet access providers, but that never stopped Case from promoting an easy-to-use philosophy. Time combined its old Henry Luce news empbuilding inspection checklistire and Warner Brothers Hollywood experience, absorbed Ted Turner’s brash inventiveness and invaded every area of media and entertainment. In an attractive (but slow to load) format it combined all its major magazines.

This set a precedent for Internet access to magazines and newspapers that others have been forced to follow. AOL has been in court against cable companies, most notably AT&T, seeking access to their superfast cable Internet connections. Since the cable companies, including Time Warner, have their own portals or entry points, AOL feared it would be cut out of the growing broadband market.